Instant confidence booster:

It’s all very easy to listen to the negative voices we hear in our heads, those that tell us we are no good, we haven’t done enough, I’m a failure or I’m inferior to everyone around me. These types of messages that go on in our minds, over time can have a detrimental affect on our wellbeing. We begin to think that we are worthless and that everybody else feels the same way about us that we do. We often deflect what is going on inside us onto our bodies and appearance, which only adds to the negative thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves and what’s going on in our daily lives. Now can you think of a person you know who literally radiates beauty? You will find that these naturally beautiful people are confident and at ease with themselves. They see things positively and don’t look for validation outside of themselves. It is fact that when we feel good, we look good.


So try this instant confidence booster:

  •  Stand Tall – Sounds simple right? Confident people don’t slouch or look downwards. Who wants to look at the ground? Stand up straight, become aware of what’s around you. You might just see that people want to engage with you more and you won’t feel so excluded.
  • Focus on the positive – Take time to think about what’s gone right in your day, allow yourself to feel the achievement, gratitude and energy that come with these thoughts. Make a note of these positive experiences so that when your mood starts to drop, or something bad happens you can revisit these good times and feel uplifted again.
  • Rethink it – When your confidence takes a beating, stop and consider how it can be turned around and thought differently. Where’s the evidence to back up the claims you are making about yourself or the situation? Try and come up with an alternative thought that is more self-nurturing and will help you to leave whatever doesn’t serve you behind.
  • Get outside – Getting some air when we feel like we are stuck in the pits of despair can do wonders for our bodies and minds. Breathe in the oxygen, fill your lungs and then let it all out with a big sigh. This physical release and change of surroundings can help us to think more clearly and rationally and for us to be able to draw a line on what has been and move on.

Having self confidence and belief in yourself will help you to find peace in your life. Stop beating yourself up for every mistake, passing comment or your own reflection. Be kind to yourself and your beauty will shine through.