Beauty And Skincare Tricks You Didn’t Know Until Now

Following on from my blog Best Beauty And Skincare Tips , I’ve rounded up some relatively unknown beauty and skincare tricks, to leave you looking and feeling gorgeous, with no effort at all.



1)    If you suffer from Rosacea, exercise can be a nightmare. Keep a cool mist in the fridge, or take one to the gym, or wherever you work out, and mist your face as you get hot. It feels amazing! Try Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist, to leave skin feeling refreshed, balanced and soothed. Or make your own green tea mist by mixing a mug of green tea with 1-2 drops of Vitamin E oil, place into an empty spritz bottle, to keep you cool at all times.


2)    There’s an art to getting a full coverage base without it looking cakey. Apply your foundation all over the face with a brush, then blend it in using a damp makeup sponge or beauty blenderYou will be left with the perfect dewy skin, that looks absolutely flawless.



3)    Sick of lipgloss getting messy or stuck in your hair? Dab a spot of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to your lips after applying lipstick, for a subtle lip sheen. It’s also good for shaping brows, soothing dry hands and nails. As well as for symptoms of chapping, peeling or flaking, due to minor burns, sunburn, abrasions, or cracked lips. No wonder it’s a multi award winner!


4)    Who needs Bumble and Bumble? Make your own beach spray. Add a tablespoon of sea salt to a bottle of carbonated water. Shake well, and then mist through your hair. Not only will you have nailed this season’s hottest hair trend but you will also have achieved it at a fraction of the price.



5)    To draw the ultimate cupid’s bow, you don’t need to be a whizz at outlining your lip shape. Simply use a liner in the same colour as your lipstick, and draw an X at your cupid’s bow. Then fill in the rest with lipstick.


)    Glowing, beautiful skin needs good preparation. Add a sprinkle of Aromatherapy Associates Natural Exfoliating Grains to your favourite body wash, to turn it into a super duper multitasking scrub. Work it in with a natural bristle body brush, to boost circulation, scrape off dead skin cells and leave skin feeling smooth and polished. 


7)    You don’t need a fancy oil cleanser to get all of your makeup off. Coconut oil actually makes a great (and cheap!) makeup remover and will remove even the most stubbornness mascara or liner. Gently massage on a small amount to break up the makeup. Then follow with your regular cleanser to remove all traces of oil, dirt and makeup. It also makes a great body moisturizer and overnight hair mask too.


8)    Here’s an easy way to make your legs and arms look more toned without hitting the gym. Before applying lotion, mix in a little liquid highlighter like MAC Strobe cream. The extra gleam catches light and helps give your muscles extra definition. You can also dab some illuminator under the eyebrow, down the nose, on top of the cheekbones and cupid’s bow, to give your skin a natural luminous glow.


9)    A combination of aspirin and honey can instantly reduce the effects of acne and help to reduce the redness that comes from skin irritation. Aspirin works by reducing the redness and swelling, whilst the honey is an antibiotic that can disinfect your pores (which caused the acne in the first place).

Crush an aspirin into a bowl with a small amount of toner, and apply the thick paste directly to the spots. Leave for 5 minutes, wash and apply a small dab of honey to the blemishes. Wash the honey off after 10 minutes, to leave skin clean and clear.


10) Going for drinks after work but you are not carrying your full makeup bag? Use lipstick as a cream blush to look awake and fresh, even after a long day at the office.


11) If your skin is really dry, or if you get sunburn and want to soothe the redness, take an oatmeal bath. Oats not only contain fats that act as lubricants, which moisturize dry skin, they are made up of complex sugars (polysaccharides) which leave a gelatinous film in bathwater and on your skin, helping to deal with dryness and itchiness. Just make sure you give your tub a good clean after, or your flatmate won’t be happy.


12) Want fuller looking lips? Apply a nude liner or concealer to the centre of both lips, then apply your lipstick or lipliner and blend it in. Add some gloss and voila, you’ve got Angelina Jolie lips without the surgery.


13) Lemon and sugar may taste great on pancakes but did you know they are equally good for your skin? Lemons are a natural antiseptic, making them excellent for removing dirt and bacteria from pores. This helps make skin less oily, which over time can get rid of acne. Sugar acts as an exfoliant and opens up the pores so the lemons can penetrate the skin. Add a sprinkle of sugar to ½ of a sliced lemon and then apply it to your skin every night to remove dead skin. This will get rid of blackheads and acne, whilst making skin more radiant.


14) If you have a sparkly eyeshadow shade you never wear because it’s too bold, crush it up and mix it with clear nail polish for a one of a kind manicure.


15) Beat mascara smudges with a spoon. There's nothing more annoying than applying mascara with precision, only for it to smudge on your eyelid. Next time, hold a spoon over your lid when applying the mascara to avoid this beauty blunder.

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