What is the difference between Skin Camouflage and makeup?

Skin Camouflage products differ from cosmetic make-up in that:

  • The crèmes are specifically formulated to provide maximum coverage with only a thin layer of product, leaving your skin looking and feeling like you don’t have anything on.
  • It is waterproof and smudge proof, which means you can shower and engage in sports like swimming, without the fear of the camouflage washing off.
  • Camouflage is long lasting, up to 12 hours on the face and 2-3 days on the body without the need for reapplication.
  • It has SPF, but additional sun protection can be applied under and over the camouflage crème as required.
  • Topical medication can be applied prior to camouflage application.
  • Camouflage can be worn alone or cosmetic makeup can be applied over the set camouflage crème, leaving you able to create your own look.


What products do you use?

Charlotte uses a number of highly regarded specialist products, which can be obtained on prescription at the discretion of your GP (Veil, Dermabend, Covermark, Keromask and Dermacolor), as well as ordered directly by Charlotte and delivered to you from trusted supplier Extreme Makeup, following your consultation. 


Is it for women only?

No, Charlotte sees men, women and children of all ages and ethnicities. However, Charlotte is not able to work on children under the age of 5, unless at the request of their healthcare advisor.


What happens in a camouflage consultation?

Most consultations last 1 hour, although this depends on the severity and size of the area to be treated, so please allow up to 2 hours. Charlotte will begin by assessing the area to be treated and discuss with you the outcome you are hoping to be achieved. She will then guide you through the range of specialist crèmes available, testing a small area of skin to find the best colour and product for your condition and skintone. When the correct colour has been found that you are happy with, Charlotte will apply the crème to the rest of the area to be camouflaged, talking you through the process and letting you have a go, so that you are comfortable in applying the camouflage for yourself at home. A fixing powder will then be applied to make it waterproof and durable. At the end of the consultation the camouflage can either be left on or taken off, using a lotion or cleansing cream. Charlotte will provide you with application and removal guidelines for your personal reference and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Charlotte will then place an order on your behalf for the specific products and utensils used in your consultation, to be delivered directly to you within 3 days from Charlotte's trusted supplier, Extreme Makeup. If you are obtaining the products on NHS prescription, Charlotte will provide you with a letter for your GP. (N.B. The cost of products and a delivery charge of £4.99 is not included in the consultation price, so please be aware that these will be added to the consultation price if you wish to purchase products at the time of your consultation. You are under no obligation to buy the products but in doing so it ensures you have all the products and utensils you need to manage your condition in a matter of days).

A follow up session can be arranged if you find that your condition gets better/worsens, or if you require a new colour match for Summer/Winter.


I have a special occasion coming up and need advice on makeup too

Charlotte provides consultations in both Skin Camouflage and Make up application. Whether it is a natural daytime look, or evening glamour you are after, Charlotte can cater for both. She will begin with the camouflage consultation first (see skin camouflage) and then the make up application, tailored to your own requirements and needs, whilst taking into account your skintone, bone structure and personal style. Charlotte will provide you with a detailed chart outlining the products used and answer any questions that you may have. This consultation can take up to 3 hours.


I am getting married and want to look my best but I am worried about having so much skin on show

There is no day more special than your Wedding Day and every bride wants to look her best and have photos to treasure. Charlotte provides both Skin Camouflage and Bridal Makeup so you can sit back, relax and be pampered, knowing that your skin will be taken care of; leaving you looking and feeling like a million dollars.


How much does it cost?

Charlotte charges by the hour. Most Camouflage consultations last 1 hour, however if more time is required due to the severity of the condition or size of area to be treated, Charlotte will inform you and you will be charged accordingly.  You can discuss your needs and requirements at the time of booking if you are unsure. For Bridal Makeup, Makeup and Expert Witness price enquiries, please use the contact page provided or alternatively please email info@charlottetrendell.com. Please note: a cancellation fee applies to appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the consultation.


Why do I need a consultation? Why can’t I buy the products straight from the Internet?

In a consultation, Charlotte will provide you with a personalized colour match and find the perfect product for your skin condition and skintone. There are many different colours and products available, which can be confusing and frustrating for the user. Some are softer or more liquid than others, some give a denser coverage, some slip more easily over scarring and some last longer in humidity than others. Charlotte can help you decide which brand best suits your skin condition and lifestyle, thus saving you time and money.


Is there a best time to book a consultation?

In order to get the best colour match, daylight hours and a well lit room are preferred.


Where do you see clients?

Charlotte provides a mobile service, so the consultation can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or suitable location. Charlotte currently sees clients in Greater London, UK. For people living outside of these areas, travel expenses will apply.


How should I prepare for a consultation?

If the area to be treated is on the face please remove any makeup and skincare lotions before the consultation, as the oils in many skincare products will remove the camouflage crème or make it less durable. For areas on the body please wear loose clothes which can be removed or lifted and prevent rubbing, which can affect the products durability. If you have any concerns or questions please contact Charlotte before the consultation.


Is the Camouflage permanent?

No. However Skin Camouflage is extremely durable, lasting up to 12 hours on the face and 2-3 days on the body without the need for reapplication. It is also waterproof and smudge proof too, so you can shower and conduct your usual daily activities without the fear of the camouflage coming off. After the consultation Charlotte will provide you with a set of guidelines to help you care for the treated area and also removal applications.


Will I need to spend an hour every day applying the camouflage?

No. The consultation lasts an hour for sufficient time to be given to finding the perfect colour and product for your needs, to guide you through the steps to applying the product for yourself, and answer any questions. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, will determine the time it takes. However, on repeated use you should find that It becomes as effortless as brushing your hair or your teeth and easily becomes part of your daily routine.


Where can I go to get support for my condition?

Please see the useful links page where you will find companies, organisations and support groups for your condition. Many are free to join and you can find a vast amount of information, advice and support from professionals and fellow sufferers.