“Charlotte turned my “coffee stain” birth mark into a natural and flawless finished look. I can look my best throughout the day without a single worry.” Natasha Lazzerini.

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"I was so pleased I could go on holiday and no longer feel self conscious or worried about how my scars looked. Charlotte’s expertise has given me the confidence to wear clothes that I never would have dreamed I could possibly wear. Amazing!" Chris, London.


“The experience provided by Charlotte was informative, instructive and special. She disguised my facial redness so well it left me with a blank canvas for me to do my own makeup. I appreciated having products recommended with no 'hard sell'.” Miriam Kent.


 “I have self harmed for most of my life. I have always kept myself hidden but Charlotte was sensitive and non judgmental. I felt completely comfortable and the results were amazing! My skin looked almost new; my pain and sadness disappeared and I now feel confident to go out and wear what I want, without fear.” Holly.


“The results were amazing! I can now feel confident going to the beach or swimming bars knowing that my scars will be covered and the make up is waterproof, so I have no worries at all. I would 100% recommend Charlotte.” Harriet James.


“Having suffered from Psoriasis for 18 years, I struggle with self confidence and the reaction I get from others seeing my condition. I found the product non-irritating and long lasting, and was pleasantly surprised at how normal my legs looked and how my fiery hairline had gone. I would highly recommend Charlotte.” Emma Sodeke.


"I suffer from extremely low self esteem about my looks but Charlotte's reassurance and expertly applied makeup meant I completely forgot about my scars and psoriasis. I now have photos of my Wedding Day I adore. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else." Charlotte Parkin.


“Charlotte colour matched my skin perfectly. With my tattoo concealed, I could now wear the dress I had bought specially for a big party. I felt like a confident, elegant lady on the night.” Sarah Jane Gibbs.


“I wanted to disguise my birthmark as naturally as possible and was delighted with the results. It matched my skin tone perfectly. Charlotte even showed me how I confidently apply the product to myself. I am more than happy for Charlotte to work her magic on me again!”  James Howard.


“I honestly could not believe the results. Charlotte has given me confidence again. I used to wrap a towel or wear shorts to hide my stretch marks but now I can happily walk alongside the pool or beach knowing the stretch marks on my legs can no longer be seen.” Caroline Howard.

Bridal Makeup

“Having found that foundation and concealer do little to disguise the scar on my neck and certain necklines and jewellery draw attention to it rather than make it less obtrusive. I consulted Charlotte, who instantly found the perfect colour and product for me. Not only did it not crease, it stayed put for hours. I was so pleased with the results, I ordered the products straight away.” Abigail Rokison.


"Charlotte made me look and feel like a Movie Star on my Wedding Day. She enhanced my best features and made my birth mark invisible. My husband said I looked beautiful - you made my special day complete." Natasha Lazzerini.


“Charlotte made me feel so comfortable, I didn’t feel scared to show her my scars. I learnt so much. I would recommend it to anyone needing a confidence boost. Ten out of ten!” Jade Purewal. 


"I am so excited to try out the cosmetics for myself and look forward to finally being able to feel confident in my looks, now that my scar will be practically invisible! I can't thank you enough, you're a life and confidence saver! I really appreciate the lengths you have gone to to make me feel better about myself and my appearance." Charlotte Adams.


"Charlotte is extremely professional with a compassionate and non-judgemental manner. Her care and attention in to finding the right products for me and my skin meant that my scars were completely invisible, and i was able to wear a sleeveless top that night for the first time." Philippa Jackson.